Monday, 16 September 2013

Aaj Ki Baat Customer Support


Aaj Ki Baat channel is India’s leading news channel at all times. There are millions of viewers of this channel who are connected to this in order to watch their favorite news and other related content. The channel also gives its best to make the people glued to their channel. A number of famous personalities like Sachin Tendulkar has praised the channel and its content. The channel is being viewed in many countries including India, Pakistan, Dubai, Europe etc.The channel not only telecasts news but also famous about its other content like Sports, Cricket, Business, Horoscope etc. The channel also has its own views about a particular event. The head office of the channel is located at South Extension, Delhi. The channel also operates from Dubai.


The website of the channel is very informative and is made in such a way that a user can get all the relevant information easily. If you log in to the website of the channel then it will directly land you to its home page. There is a place in the left side of the website by the name Main Menu which is like the Site Map of the channel. In the main menu, you can find the name of the countries where you can find this news channel operating from. Apart from this, there are other categories given like sports, business, entertainment, horoscope, article etc.

You can also find the latest and hot news in the middle of the website. It flashes as soon as you log in to the website. The channel is very particular about the quality and the source of its content though.


There are different sections present all over the website like world news, sports, business etc. Not only this, the website also runs an opinion poll which is meant for the visitor to present his or her views by just participating in the poll. It’s easy and off course anyone can take part in it. The opinion poll always has the question according to the latest or current happenings around the globe. This is done to make people aware about what is happening around them.There is still another section in the website given by the name media release where you can add your news if you have any. You also have the option to add any images to support your views.

The Aaj Ki Baat news channel also has a very strong customer care team working at the backend. They are also a part of the success of the channel. You can always contact them to their customer care number. You can always contact them to their customer care number 011 24652871 or 011 24691494 in case of any query related to the channel. The people at the customer care are very helpful and always try their best to help you with your query.

For more information, you can go in to following address:
Aaj  Ki  Baat
Address -   75, Amrit Nagar, South Extn 1, New Delhi
Contact Number: 24652871/ 24691494