Thursday, 26 September 2013

Mango Cabs Delhi Customer Helpdesk


Mango Cab:
Everytime we feel the need of Cab whenever we go outside.  But, it’s very hectic to catch car immediate. For caching of Cab, we need to go taxi station and there also spend some time in negotiation of rent. Thus, everything is so much time consuming. For avoiding this type of activities, Mango Cab is now in India, it is available in most part of the country.
The Mango Cab is world-class radio taxi which is launched for giving quick services to the customers. You can catch Mango Cab just on call or go on its site, check there fair and thus call on Mango Cab to your home.
Thus, Mango Cab is the best Cab Services available now-a-days in  Delhi, NCR, India.
Customer Support:

Mango Cabs Delhi

Contact Details:
B-23, Somdutt Chambers-II, Bhikaji Kama Place,
Delhi – 110066
Contact Number: 011- 46333333