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Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel International Airport Contact Details

Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel International Airport:

Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel International Airport is located in Gujrat region, and is about 8 km from the Ahemdabad Railway Station. It is named after Sardar Vaalabh Bhai Patel who was a great statesman and formal Deputy Prime Minister of India.


The airport is one of the busiest and popular in India. It’s spread almost over an area of 1,120 acres (4.5 The daily traffic here mounts to an average of about 250 flights a day.


The airport initially had three terminals but now has four terminals which are the domestic, international, a new terminal for cargo and the fourth terminal made as an additional terminal for secondary traffic. The domestic and Cargo terminals are physically separated on the landside and it takes almost five minute drive to reach from one terminal to another. However, both these terminals use the same landside facilities. Now, if we talk about the other two terminals, which are the new international terminal and the domestic terminal, are constructed just on the opposite side of the landside of domestic terminal and are well interconnected by an underground automatic walkway, so that people can easily move from one terminal to another without facing any inconvenience.


The new terminal on the airport has been constructed in a way which includes about half a kilometer automatic moving walkway as it connects the two terminals and is made underground. This is done to take care of those passengers who need to shift because of changeover flights.  Also, both the terminals (domestic and international), have the facilities of aerobridges, not seen in most airports in India. Not only this, the new terminal has been constructed on the pattern of Singapore’s famous Shanghai airport, which is in fact, one of the major aviation provider in the whole Asia pacific region.


The airport witnesses all the major Indian carriers like Air India, Spice.Jet, Blue Dart, Indigo and Jet Airways. It’s constructed by considering the fact of heavy rush at both Delhi and Mumbai Airports. The Airport also has the facility to carry Airbus A380. It’s been speculated that Airport Authority of India will be spending almost 900 million dollars for constructing a new block in order  enhance the capacity of the airport in handling and better control of flights.       

If we talk about Airport’ handling capacity of passengers, then the report is just awesome. The figures tell that the Airport handled almost 2.4 million passengers in the year 2007-08, about 5.5 million passengers in 2010 and about 9 million in the year 2012. However, if we talk about the traffic at Ahmadabad Airport, then the report says that almost 75% traffic is domestic and the rest 25% is international.
Customer Care Details:

 Airport Director:
Airports Authority of India
SVP International Airport
Ahmedabad-380 003 (Gujarat)
Telephone: 91-79-2286 9211
Fax: 91-79-2286 3561

Helpline Number Public Information Officer:
Airports Authority of India
SVP International Airport
Ahmedabad-380 003 (Gujarat)
AAI Terminal Manager Number  (T-1):91-79-22869266, 9099951141 (M)

AAI Terminal Manager (T-2):91-79-22867664, 9099951142 (M)