Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Assam Times

Assam TimesAssam Times is a newspaper in India. It is published from Assam. It continuously updates what news and happening. Online readers view this several times a day to keep themselves updated every time. Readers rate various articles. It puts up an interactive forum. There are also classifieds for people to connect. It contains the first full- fledged job and matrimonial for Northeast India. The epaper allows users link to the live news feeds. The old articles and news is also available online in archive. News photographs, video clips of interesting news are also published. This is the first of its kind of e-newspaper that contains thoughts and suggestions. Readers send their write-ups onto: editor@assamtimes.org. Feedback and suggestions make Assam Times a better forum.
Assam Times Epaper Official Website : http://www.assamtimes.org/