Thursday, 29 March 2018

Be Your Own Boss: How UC Changed an Ordinary Guy into a Young Entrepreneur

NewsPatrolling.comIt is very important for an individual to find his or her passion and work on it. Very few people get the chance to fulfill their dreams and passions and those who do, are the ones who truly understand the meaning of success.
Chander Prakash, from Panipat, is one such guy who turned his boring life into an interesting one. Chander was working as an Accountant for 5-6 years but never had that sense of satisfaction and always felt that this is not what he wants to do for the rest of his life.
Like everyone, even he had no idea what his passion is or what will give him creative satisfaction, until one his friends asked him to start blogging. It was then, he got to know about UC We-Media platform and started writing on it.
He soon realized that writing was his real love and how he actually felt really happy and satisfied doing it. Prakash’s account - Creative Virus has over 35,000 followers and he produces content related to entertainment and Bollywood industry. Writing articles on movies, actors and everything related to their lives is something he never gets bored with.

While pursuing his passion, Prakash is also happy with the income he is generating through his content. “I have launched my own website with the earnings I got through UC We-Media. This is like a dream come true for me. I now feel that I am a successful blogger. All credit goes to UC,” said Prakash.
“UC not only helps in giving me a lot of opportunities like participating in various competitions but also guides me on latest writing tips, hot events and key words and also gives me a heads up on what the readers are reading and liking the most. Instant feedback on his content from readers is the biggest motivation behind writing. Besides, he gets time to read about other bloggers and tips and tricks of content writing from around the world. But what he loves most about his stint with UC is the fact that he manages his own time and is his own boss.

He really feels that entertainment industry is one area that will never die and will always be something that people would be happy to read about. “I think most important point is to keep yourself updated about the latest news and events in Bollywood industry. Once you are aware of this, you can quickly weave a story around it,” said Prakash.